Membership Benefits

Member Events

A membership with NYCA ensures access to our program of private events, occurring every 6-8 weeks, and to our exclusive member network consisting of 150+ like-minded EA/PAs.

Member Exclusives & Partners

NYCA has built relationships with some of the most notable organizations in New York City and beyond. Membership brings you access to our exclusive network and their generous discounts and incentives.

Member Networking

While attending member events is the best way to interact with the NYCA community, you will also be given access to the membership directory, allowing you to connect with members by direct message.

Email Networking

Email is often the quickest form of communication for an EA/PA. Do you need recommendations for a nanny, chauffeur or housekeeper? A contact at a restaurant? Or where to get a BMW gift-wrapped? Members are knowledgeable and quick to share their ideas and resources.

News and Insight

We’ll make sure you’re always aware of the latest trends and developments inside the EA/PA world. The NYCA media team works hard to keep members informed of industry news, developments, apps and tools to help you perform at the highest level of efficiency.

The Job Referral Service (JRS)

NYCA’s job referral service is the go-to place for celebrities to find experienced EA/PAs. Listings are disseminated to the membership via the email system, and those interested may contact the employer or recruiter directly. The JRS is not an employment agency; access is exclusive to NYCA members.

Invitations To Private Social Events

Members have the opportunity to receive invitations to private screenings, parties and other private functions if they have allowed their contact information to be released outside of the organization. Additionally, there are internal invitations extended by other members to concerts, readings, comedy shows, Broadway events, etc.